Dycon Valves for Cunico CorporationRegulator Control Valves | Series 2000
2253 - Lockable Regulator Valve
2254 - Non-Venting Pressure Regulator w/Gas Monitoring Port
2255 - Non-Venting Diaphragm Operated Pressure Regulator Valve

Product Overview

Lockable Regulator Valve 2253

Using similar principles to the 2251, this valve has the added feature of lockable adjustment. Sizes and materials as per 2250.

Non-Venting Pressure Regulator with Gas Monitoring Port 2254

Used when seal integrity is paramount to the safe operation of the system and where external indication from a remote point is a requirement.

Non-Venting Diaphragm Operated Pressure Regulator Valve 2255

Designed for use in low pressure applications where sensitivity to changes in downstream pressure variation is a prerequisite for correct operation.

Non-Venting Diaphragm Operated
Pressure Regulator 2255

Non-Venting Diaphragm Operated

Materials of Construction

Material Specification Grade
ST. STL (316) BS 970 316S11
Brass BS 2874 CZ 121


   Suitable for most grades and liquids

   Balanced stem for no turn down

   Soft seat gives ANSI Class VI Leakage

   Low torque hand wheel
                                  Typical Flow Curves for 1/4" Regulators

Typical Regulator Flow Curves