Dycon Valves for Cunico CorporationRegulator Control Valves | Series 2000
2257 - Self Vented Diaphragm Operated Pressure Regulator Valve
2258 - Non-Vented Lockable Pressure Regulator Valve
2259 - Self-Venting Lockable Cartridge Style Pressure Regulator Valve

Product Overview

Self vented diaphragm operated
pressure regulator valve 2257

" only - refer to manufacturer for

Non-vented lockable pressure
regulator valve 2258

Flanged " and " only. Duplex
stainless steel. Refer to manufacturer
for details.

Self venting lockable cartridge
style pressure regulator valve 2259

" and " only. Refer to manufacturer
for details.

Self Venting Regulator Valve 2250

Materials of Construction

Material Specification Grade
ST. STL (316) BS 970 316S11
Brass BS 2874 CZ 121

   Suitable for most gases and liquids

   Balanced stem no turn down

   Soft seat gives Ansi Class VI leakage 

   Low torque hand wheel

Typical flow characteristics
for " and " regulators