Regulator Control Valves | Series 5000
5001 - Dome Loaded Pressure Reducing Valve
5021 - Dome Regulated Pressure Reducing Valve w/ Negative Bias
Dycon Valves for Cunico Corporation

Dome Loaded ValveDome Loaded Pressure
Reducing Valve Model 5021
Reducing Valve Model 5021 Typical Flow CurveTypical Flow Curve

Control Valve Product Overview

The 5001 and 5021 are our basic Dome Loaded Regulator Control Valves. 5001 is a standard 1:1 repeater, allowing the set point to be directly proportional to the output, where as the 5021 has an internal spring to provide even better shut off performance when exposed to high pressure drops.

Materials of Construction

Material Specification Grade
Carbon steel ASTM A216 WCB
ST. STL (316) ASTM A351 CF3M
Bronze ASTM C9220 B61

Control Valve Features

  • Full port area
  • Balanced for low inlet pressure effect
  • Cage guided plug minimizes vibration
  • Rolling diaphragm


Regulator Control Valves Specification