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Flushing Adaptor & Blanking CoverFlushing Adaptor & Blanking CoverFlushing Adaptors Flushing Adaptors for Cartridge
Valve Space Envelope

Designed primarily for flushing pressure systems, these adaptors are of two types. One with a through bore, and the other with a side bore. In pairs they facilitate thorough cleaning of systems before the cartridge valves are fitted.

Flushing Adaptors - Product Overview

  • Each flushing adaptor is capable of taking the full system pressure, which enables each part of the overall system to be independently cleaned and tested.
  • Blanking covers are available for intermediate valves that are within the testing circuit

Materials of Construction

  • Flushing adaptors - Aluminum
  • Housings/Bodies - Stainless Steel 70/30 Cu Ni


Flushing Adapter Specifications