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Bellows Seal Valves | Lip-Seal Welded Bonnet

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Bellows Seal Globe Valve

Class 900 Bellows Seal Globe Valve, Conventional Bore, Outside Screw and Yoke, Bolted and lip-seal welded Bonnet.
Secondary Gland in the event of bellows failure.
Available with Integral Hard Faced Seat to offer increased resistance against erosion.
Valve can be supplied with manual operation or Actuated - Electric or Pneumatic. Manual and Electrically actuated shown
Materials are selected to suit customer requirements. There are temperature restrictions on some materials/media (i.e., C.St. ASTM A105 is not recommended above 425C (800F).
We would be happy to advise suitable materials for your application.

bellows seal globe valves

bellows seal globe valves Actuators are sized to suit line conditions and customer specification.
Overall height of actuated valves will vary depending upon these variables.
Valve Shown is with a leak detection port, to provide early warning of any bellows failure.

Vavle shown with leak detection port

Lip-Seal Welded Bonnet Dimensions