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General Information
The Lockheed C-130 Hercules (Bulldog) Cargo Winch (Model 41750-3-41BG) is a heavy duty, lightweight and extremely rugged all weather aircraft cargo winch. This aircraft winch design has seen over 30 years of service in Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft with air forces worldwide and is manufactured in the USA by cunico, a military hardware manufacturer for over fifty years.

This aircraft cargo winch meets all the requirements of U.S. Military Specification, Mil-W-26217A. cunico's inspection and manufacturing system is approved to Mil-I-45208A, and by Lockheed Aeronautical Systems.
Specifications Bulldog Cargo Winch
Winch Type Portable motor driven drum and cable
Direct Hauling Force 4000 lbs or 1814 kgs
Cable Speed 0 to 36 ft/min or 0 to 10.8 m/min
Standard Cable Length 100 ft or 30.48 in
Optional Cable Length 125 ft or 38.1 m
Cable Diameter .250 or 6.35 mm
Gear Reduction Variable from 316:1 to 900:1
Cargo Winch Motor 2 hp or 1.5 kw
Operating Voltage 26 to 28 v dc
Current Drain 145 amp (max)
Connector Type AN2552-3A receptacle
Ambient Operating Temperature -65F to 140F or -54C to 60C
Cargo Winch Height 18.0 in or 457 mm
Cargo Winch Length 27.5 in or 698 mm
Cargo Winch Width 18.0 in or 457 mm
Cargo Winch Weight 190 lb or 86.18 kg
Recommended Accessory Equipment P/N 41951 Heavy Duty Kit
Bulldog Winch Model
Bulldog Winch Model 41750-3-41BG NSN 1680-00-860-3934LG
The Heavy Duty Accessory Kit (P/N 41951)
The loading and unloading of cargo is expedited by the use of this cargo winch kit. The C-130 heavy duty accessory kit can be used to extend the standard cargo winch cable and is employed whenever heavy loads are to be moved with a multiple purchase arrangement. In addition to pulling applications, the C-130 winch kit can be rigged to ‘push’ cargo packages, eliminating the need for cable attachment points or slings on cargo packages. Extracting and inserting cargo packages without cable attachment points that are surrounded on three sides, can also be easily achieved.
The Heavy Duty Accessory Kit
Specifications Bulldog Cargo Winch
The accessory kit includes the following
Five Multiple Sheave Snatch Blocks (41795-3), three Cargo Pusher Blocks (54126), one Flexible Whip Cable, 100 ft (54127) and one Heavy Duty Equipment Chest (54130). To expedite the handling of heavy cargo loads through multiple purchase pull, five multiple sheave blocks are required.
Specifications Bulldog Cargo Winch
Type, Snatch, Block: Quick-connect, multiple sheave 41795-3
Capacity, Snatch Block: 8000 lbs. or 3628 kg.  
Type, Pusher Block: Quick-connect, multiple sheave 54126
Capacity, Pusher Block: 8000 lbs. or 3628 kg.  
Type, Whip Cable: ¼ in or 6.35 mm dia. / 100 ft or 30.48 m long 54127
Capacity, Whip Cable: 4000 lb or 1814 kg. (single purchase)  
Equipment Chest: Heavy duty wood chest for sale compact stowage during flight and storage 54130
Cargo Winch Replacement Parts
cunico maintains a large stock of all the various components of the C-130 Hercules Air Cargo Winch, and will maintain space parts support for the 2200 installed 41750-3-41 units currently in service. All C-130 aircraft cargo winch replacement parts are manufactured in accordance with applicable Mil-Specs and are shipped with a full certificate of conformance. An aircraft cargo winch spare parts list is available upon request.
Repair and Overhaul of C 130 Aircraft Cargo Winches
C-130 Aircraft Cargo Winches requiring repair, overhaul, or complete rebuilding can be shipped to cunico, freight prepaid. Our technicians will then inspect the subject cargo winches and advise the client of the estimated cost to repair or overhaul.