Cartridge Valve Systems

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Cartridge Valve Systems

Established over 40 years ago, Dynamic Controls enjoys a first in class reputation as an innovative provider of quality technical solutions. This reputation for a second to none range of products has led the company to be involved in many of the most prestigious contracts for the control and distribution of gases and fluids. Notable projects have included commercial space centers and power generation plants, and nuclear submarine fleets across the globe.

Our team of expert design engineers possess the skill to model and engineer a total cartridge valve solution from a performance specification. With our engineered solutions presented in 3D format for easy integration with other services, we ensure that each initial customer concept is converted into reality in a timely accurate manner. Together, we ensure that perception and actual reality come together with the minimum amount of cost.

Dynamic Controls have coupled this design expertise with high standards of quality that translate into a six sigma defects regime the watch word for industries that expect and demand defect free product, ensuring that Dynamic Controls takes its place as a truly world class manufacturer of cartridge valves.

The versatility of the cartridge valve range provides our engineers with the ability to mix and match different types of valves and sizes into one forged block, enabling the grouping of pressure measurement, over pressure protection, pressure regulation, and on/off control all within one unit.

Calculations of all the pressure drops due to the flow paths through the forged block and each valve filter are provided ensuring that the size of the drillings through the block and the selection of each element within that supply are within the design limits specified by the end user.

Demonstration of regulation accuracy and minimum pressure drop through the filter was a mandatory requirement, ensuring that at the point of use, the exact pressure at the required flow is delivered. Both empirical and mathematical results have been provided to ensure that this mandatory requirement has been fully achieved.