Cartridge Valve Systems | Advantages

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801 Manual Stop Valve with Housing 801 Manual Stop Valve with Housing806 Powered Stop Valve with Housing806 Powered Stop Valve with Housing

Cartridge valve systems makes it easy to change functions. All cartridge valve parts are fully accessible and replaceable. Double thread for low breakaway torque Straight-through bore for low pressure drop Balanced plug for ensuring low operating torque Cartridge valves are inherently quiet due to straight-through bore. All wetted parts of cartridge valve system are fully accessible for cleaning and maintenance. Through-life costs of cartridge valves are extremely low due to all soft goods. They are easily accessible. Down-time reduced to a minimum cartridge valve can be removed in under 5 minutes Size for size space envelope and weight greatly reduced Peek seats ensures bubble-free sealing and high resilience to airborne contaminates. Offset stud arrangement guarantees for the correct fitting of the cartridge into the housing. Proven technology (35 years) and installed base of 25,000+ cartridge valves.