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Dynamic Controls Ltd.Dycon Valves for Cunico Corporation

Established over 45 years ago, Dynamic Controls enjoys a first-in-class reputation as an innovative provider of quality technical solutions. This reputation for a second-to-none range of products has led the company to be involved in many of the most prestigious contracts for the control and distribution of gases and hydraulic fluids. Notable projects have included commercial space centers, power generation plants and nuclear submarine fleets across the globe.


•  Cartridge Valve Systems

•  Fuel Supply Valve

•  Pressure Reducing Stations

•  LNG Gas Supply System

Dynamic Controls Ltd.
T: +44 (0) 161 633 3933
F: +44 (0) 161 633 4113


T: +1 (562) 733 4621
F: +1 (562) 733 4641



BVMI, a division of Dynamic Controls Ltd. (DCL), design and manufacture specialty valves for the Nuclear Industry. BVMI valves have applications, and installed base in PFBR (Prototype Fast Breeder Reactors), BWR (Boiling Water Sector), PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor), nuclear submarines, nuclear fuel processing, power generation, and petrochemical industries.

•  Bellows Seal Valves & Strainers

BVMI - Div. of Dynamic Controls Ltd.
T: +44 (0) 1902 404736
F: +44 (0) 1902 403906

Dynamic Controls Ltd.
T: +44 (0) 161 633 3933
F: +44 (0) 161 652 6323

"Bolt-On" Acquisitions

cunico is interested in product line, “bolt-on” acquisitions which extend our current product line offering. cunico will pay brokers, intermediaries, and M & A advisors the standard rate for referrals, which result in a completed transaction.

Criteria For “Bolt-On” Product Acquisitions:

  • Products must be proprietary, unique, (non-commodity) type of product.

  • Products would be relocated to our new facility in Long Beach, California.

  • Type of products: valves, specialty fittings (or fabrication), actuators, and other “proprietary” products will be considered.

  • End Users: The end user of the acquired products should be the U.S. Navy, and the application for the products should be for USN submarines, aircraft carriers, and/or Navy surface ships.

  • Size: The “size” of the “bolt-on” acquisition, measured in terms of historical product sales revenue, would be a minimum of $500K to $3.0M annually.

  • Who are potential sellers, of the “bolt-on” products, which meet our acquisition criteria?  Companies that may have the type of products that we are interested in acquiring, but the annualized sales of products do not meet a critical mass, and/or are not part of the particular companies “core business,” and also whom the U.S. Navy may not be the divesting company's primary customer.

We invite your inquiries to:

  Jack Flowers ( T: (562) 733.4621 • F: (562) 733.4641