Regulator Control Valves
Military Applications

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U.S. Navy Militarycunico manufactures valves for US Navy military

cunico has over 50 years experience manufacturing fittings and valves for the United States Navy military.  cunico also manufactures the C-130 cargo winch for the United States Air Force and their prime contractors.

The employees at cunico have expertise in all Mil-Spec standards applicable to fittings and valves for the Department of Defense (DOD), United States Navy (U.S.N.), and NAVSEA.

Our products are found on all CV Aircraft Carriers and CVN Aircraft Carriers, as well as all U.S.N. Nuclear Submarines, from Trident (SSBN), Los Angeles class (SSN) submarine, Seawolf (SSN) submarine, Virginia class (SSN) submarines, and U.S.N. Surface Ships such as LHD and DDG.

cunico experience:

  • Fittings and Valves Products manufactured to the following military specifications: MIL-F-24202, MIL-F-24342, MIL-F-23508, MIL-F-23509, MIL-F-24339, ANSI B16.5, B16.9, B16.11, B16.28, MIL-Spec PSSSN21C-343, and MIL-V-24509.

  • Fittings and Valves Manufacturing expertise in the following areas:

    Forming Heat Treating
    Forging CNC Machining
    Winch Manufacturing Actuator Installation and Actuator Testing
    3D Engineering (3D Drawing / 3D Modeling) Metallurgy
    Valve Pressure, Valve Leak and Valve Flow Testing Extensive Computer System, Computer Application and Computer Processing
  • High pressure cartridge valves have applications for United States Navy (U.S.N.) Submarine and USN Surface Ships and other affiliated government agencies  such as Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, and rocket launching and propulsion applications.

  • The cunico cargo winch for C-130 Hercules aircraft, manufactured by cunico, has an installed base of over 2,000 winches with the United States Air Force, DOD and other foreign governments that utilize C-130 Hercules aircraft.

NuclearCunico - Nuclear Applications

cunico manufactures various types of fittings in a vast range of materials, sizes and pressure rating from 150# to 6000# with extensive applications in nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers, as well as the commercial nuclear industry. Our expertise is “custom fittings” for unusual and demanding applications such as the nuclear industry.

Specialty products for the nuclear industry are bellows seal valves, y-type strainers and cartridge valves, all manufactured by “sister company”, Dynamic Controls. The bellows seal valves have extensive nuclear applications, including radioactive waste water, liquid sodium, nitric acid containments and more. The cartridge valves have a large installed base in Nuclear reactor applications for nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers.

PetrochemicalCunico - Petrochemical Applications

cunico custom fittings, in special alloys and custom sizes and configurations manufactured from seamless tube, and forgings have applications in the petrochemical industry where high-integrity products are required for special processes, environmental, and safety considerations.

The cunico regulator control valves have many applications offshore and onshore, from fire protection (air and nitrogen regulation) to chemical injection regulation control.  The Dynamic Controls cartridge valve is ideally suited for high operating pressure applications (0 to 6000 psi) where safety and reliability are key requirements for all gases and liquids.  The bellows seal valves have applications with highly corrosive chemicals where zero-leakage and reliability are important requirements.