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Single Stage Reducing Station - Features

Single Stage Reducing Station

Outlet stop valve is actuated using 80psig pneumatic actuator gives remote on/off operation.
Non-isolatable relief valve protects downstream system and pipe work.
Intermediate relief valve not required.
Cartridge principle allows full maintenance of all valves with block welded in situ.
Material selection provides good resistance to humid environment on site.
Instrumentation drillings removes requirement for substantial pipe work

Single Stage Reducing Station - Specifications

Application: Remote Switch on/off of helium shroud gas supply.
Design Pressure: 6000 psig (400 bar) at 100 F (38 C).
Temperature Range: -4 to 248 F (-20 to 120 C).
Max. Flow Rate: To Customer Specifications.
Relief valve blow-down 10% and accumulation 10%.
Outlet pressure ranges from 1Barg to 280Barg with 10% lockup and 10% droop.
Non-return valve cracking pressure 0.1Barg.
Switched non-return valve provides indication of relief valve operation.

Single Stage Reducing Station

Drawing No. Weight lbs
Inlet Pipe Size Outlet Pipe Size Block Dimensions
Length, L Width, W Height, H
RRU 5003-RB/1 132 20mm (") 80mm (") 210mm