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Breathing Air Twin Reducing Station - Features

High Flow Engine Start Reducing Station

Isolators and bypass facility allows supply of air during regulator maintenance. Non-isolatable relief valve protections of downstream system and pipe work. Downstream pressure gauge isolator with vent for gauge blow-down. 50 micron inlet filter protects regulator and downstream equipment. Cartridge principle allows full maintenance of all valves with block in situ. Material selection provides good resistance to corrosive marine environment.

Breathing Air Twin Reducing Station - Specifications

Applications: Breathing air supply to hyperbaric chambers. Design Pressure: 4000 psig at 100 F.
Temperature Range: -4 to 240 F.
Max. Flow Rate: To Customer Specifications.
Shock tested to 80g for 5 milliseconds in half sine wave. Any orientation.
Vibration tested to MIL-STD-167-1, Type 1

Breathing Air Twin Reducing Station

Model No. Weight lbs
Inlet Pipe Size Outlet Pipe Size Block Dimensions
Length, L Width, W Height, H
RSA 01 136 3" 3 12.6" 6.5" 5.5"