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Two Stage Gas Reducing Station - Features

High Flow Engine Start Reducing Station

Regulator isolators and bypass facility allows supply of air during maintenance. Non-isolatable relief valve protects downstream system and pipe work. Upstream and downstream pressure gauge isolators with vent for gauge blow-down. 50 micron inlet filter protects regulator and downstream equipment. Cartridge principle allows full maintenance of all valves with block in situ.

Two Stage Gas Reducing Station - Specifications

Applications: Air supply to all functions or gas supply.
Design Pressure: 280 bar at 40 C.
Temperature Range: -25 to 120 C.
Max. Flow Rate: To Customer Specifications.
Shock tested to 80g for 5 milliseconds in half sine wave. Any orientation.
Vibration tested to MIL-STD-167-1, Type 1 (available on request).

Model No. Weight kg
Inlet Pipe Size Outlet Pipe Size Block Dimensions
Length, L Width, W Height, H
RSA 45 1/4" NPS 1/2" NPS 345mm 317mm 172mm